X-ray vehicle

All shown examples have been assembled according to customer specifications. We carry out all conceivable arrangements that are technically feasible and reasonable.

Installation examples

Workplace for the use of digital X-ray technology. Comfortable position of the reader (Reading of the exposed plate). Diagnostics can be done in a calm and self-contained atmosphere – when required, the vehicle door can be closed. The reader is well accessibly located in the rear area. 

The required radiographs are taken directly on the patient...

...in the vehicle all equipment is neatly stored and instantly ready for use. The veterinary examination prior to sale is quickly done...

Example digital X-ray Fuji Capsula in a roll-front cabinet

Example digital X-ray Fuji Capsula, here with closed cabinet: Clean impression; device is dust-proof.

In combination with a large drawer that offers seating at the same time. Accommodation of the heavy X-ray apparatus.

Combination seat cushion – Mobile dispensary with roll-front in anodized aluminium look. 

Example device digital X-ray "Proscan" integrated in a cabinet...

...removable from outside through a second roll-front for external use.