The climate controlled dispensary

With integrated climate controlled drawers your individual Zimmermann mobile dispensary becomes a climate controlled dispensary®. This way your medicines and vaccines are safely stored and protected against high temperatures.

The climate controlled dispensary® can be operated indefinitely via an external socket. When operated for a prolonged period only via the vehicle battery, the compressor technology will automatically switch off at power loss.

A digital control unit permanently takes care of temperature control and displays actual and target temperatures. Thus, the veterinarian is constantly informed about the frictionless function. 

The 12 Volt climate control compressor consumes only one fifth of the electrical power a thermoelectric cooler would consume. At a normal ambient temperature (e.g. 20 degrees C) the climate controlled mobile dispensary works with a full 80Ah battery for up to 2 days. We strongly recommend the use of a second battery in the practice vehicle.