Laboratory vehicle

All shown examples have been assembled according to customer specifications. We carry out all conceivable arrangements that are technically feasible and reasonable.

Installation examples

There are numerous applications: The mobile laboratory is often indispensable, when fast information "on-site" matters. In the shown example it is the "Ovo-Mobile", the special vehicle for the procurement of animal embryos.

...everything is accommodated in the compact vehicle, here as an example the VW Transporter high and long. The high version enables a height for upright standing.

...clean, hygienic work area with smart details...

The shown cool box is incidentally also a heat box; depending on the requirements, samples can be transported in the range from -20°C to +40°C. (See also under "Products": "Mobile refrigeration" or respectively "Infusion heating")

Neue, interessante Optik für den Auftritt beim aufmerksamen Kunden - hier am Beispiel Tierarztfahrzeug. Zimmermann Vetbox®

Vetbox für VW Transporter: 3 große Stauräume mit jeweils großzügigem Wetterschutz