Installation examples for the vetunit

All shown examples have been assembled according to customer specifications. We carry out all conceivable arrangements that are technically feasible and reasonable.

SUV/All-terrain vehicle

Mercedes GLK with mobile dispensary and 5 drawers plus one drawer over the entire width. Colour: silver-grey. Cellar compartment.

Lateral shelf with 3 levels. Reasonable and safe storage space: When the side door is closed the shelf is closed at the same time.

Lateral drawer with various storing possibilities below and beside it.

Passenger car/minivan

VW Caddy: Mobile dispensary with 6 drawers plus one drawer over the entire width and edge surround on top. Lateral shelf. Colour: fjord-blue.

VW Caddy at the side: Mobile dispensary with 2 drawers and storage space... well as a shelf with 3 levels on the front passenger side.

Large van/transporter

VW T5: Project with multiple drawers; possible due to large storage space in the vehicle.

...large storage space at the side as well, so for instance an X-ray tripod hides in the shelf...

Water supply and heavy load drawers.


Pick-up: Please contact us before you purchase accessories for your vehicle. There are unsuitable hard-tops available on the market – and even much more unsuitable bed-liners. We have the optimal solutions for practitioners.

...the lateral accessibility at the pick-up should have an ideal size!

...only then the existing storage space can be put to excellent use!