1) Measuring point close to the dashboard: Temperature stress for medicines

2) Measuring point uncooled drawer: Moderate temperature movement through insulation effect of the mobile dispensary

3) Measuring point climate controlled drawer: Constant movement for an unlimited period (heating function via auxiliary heater in the vehicle, not included in the standard package of the climate controlled dispensary)

Long-term test: Temperatures in the veterinarian vehicle

In a long-term test different temperature data loggers were placed in the vehicle. Here we present the results.

Three measuring points were chosen in the vehicle:
1) Outside the mobile dispensary, close to the dashboard; 2) In a drawer of the mobile dispensary; 3) In a drawer of the climate controlled dispensary. During the test period (April/May 2010) temperature peaks of far beyond 50 degrees C were already reached in the stationary vehicle, but frost days were included as well. In the mobile dispensary those temperature peaks could already be damped to maximum values of 0 to 26 degrees C. In the climate controlled dispensary an almost constant temperature of 6 to 9 degrees C could be achieved over the entire test period (heating function via the night heating system in the vehicle).

(Test was conducted within the scope of certification for a mobile veterinarian practice; all series of measurements will be made available by us in case of interest)