Roof and wall

             Vehicle insulation as protection from cold and heat.

Well cladded – well protected

Only thin sheet metal walls are between the interior and the exterior area of the practice car. Heat and cold quickly enter the interior of the vehicle. But unpleasant damage at the vehicle’s sheet metal dress can also threat from inside: Slight shocks to the sheet metal wall are enough to cause bumps and dents – very annoying. One dropped device can already be enough.

By adequate insulation of the roof and side areas the vehicle can be upgraded to a “thermo cell”; floor and doors should be considered in the process, too. Shockproof cladding panels protect these areas against mechanical damages.

Cladding wall
Shockproof cladding panel upon consultation. The colour depends on your wishes.

Cladding roof/wall
Optically appealing cladding made of anodized aluminium with matching flat luminaires.

Cladding roof/wall
Clean transitions for laboratory/clinic vehicles; flat luminaire for noble appearance.